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Kornell Air Duct Cleaning Service

Looking for Air Duct Cleaner in Naperville?
-You have found the right place! Kornell Carpet and Air Duct Cleaners specializes in Air Duct Cleaning in Naperville and surrounding cities. We have been cleaning air ducts for years and hold all the proper certifications.

Before and After Air Duct Cleaning Naperville IL

For those wondering why should you get your Air Ducts Cleaned?
-The answer is simple it’s because they get dirty. Not only that regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning can also Increase the lifespan of an HVAC system and save money on your energy bills.
-Imagine a dirty duct and a blower motor, the system would have to work twice as hard trying to push the air through the dust making it use more energy which equals to higher energy bills.

Kornell Naperville Air Duct Cleaning

How does the air duct cleaning process look like?
-Instead of writing about it we have prepared a video of our air duct cleaning process please click on the video to see.

Naperville Air Duct Cleaning

What’s the difference between a portable VS a gasoline machine?
-The answer is simple; we can bring the portable machine inside of the house and set it as close as to the furnace as possible maximizing the air flow. Imagine how much vacuum we would lose if we had to run 20/40 feet of flex duct from the furnace to the machine outside. Also with the portable machine we are able to clean commercial buildings and houses with a complicated duct system.


How do you know if you air ducts need to be cleaned?
- Well there are two ways to find out, you can either remove the vent and take a picture inside of it and see if it’s dirty, or you can call Kornell Air Duct Cleaners and schedule your free inspection with special video cameras. 630-848-9258


Dryer (exhaust) Vent Alarms
According to a study done between 2003-2006 one in 23 house fires are dryer machine related. We have an easy way to prevent that with a Lint Alert-Dryer Safety Alarm. It’s very easy to set up and it monitors the dirt buildup in the dryer vent. When the buildup is approximately 60% and it’s time to finally clean the exhaust system it will alert you. According to the U.S. Fire administration dryers cause over 15,500 fires each year. Don’t be a part of this statistic; monitor your exhaust vent with Lint Alert-Dryer Safety Alarm.

Lint Alert Dryer Safety Alarm

What we have to offer?
- free inspections for commercial and residential customers
- free estimates
- honest and reliable two-man crew
- years of experience
- rotary brush system
- hutch cleaning
- dryer vent cleaning
- sanitizer
- heat exchange and evaporator coil cleaning
- dryer safety alarm
- local business servicing Naperville and surrounding cities



"I’m extremely pleased with the gentleman that cleaned my carpets. Carpets look fabulous, I recommen- -ded you to all of our neighbors. Thanks for your help."
- Judy, Naperville IL  

"Very nice and efficient young men. They did a good job and I’m very satisfied."
- Pam, Naperville IL 

"The two guys that cleaned the air ducts in my house in Naperville were great. I’m very satisfied with the service and I would definitely use them again in the future. They were on time, careful with my belongings, and worked hard the entire time they were here. I highly recommend Kornell"

-Jessica, Naperville ILNa

- Video Testimonial

- Video Testimonial

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