Have you ever been scammed?

Have you ever been scammed? Did a company offer something that they could not deliver? Did you over pay for a service because there were so many hidden costs? Check out our previous 2 blogs and see what what sets Kornell apart from some of the other companies on the market and what makes us trustworthy! Also remember that doing proper research on a company is always recommended before ordering any services! This goes for anything, from looking for a place to eat to trade services. There are many tools online that allow us to dig deep into the company that will provide the work.

Did you know?

Did you know that we not only specialize in carpet cleaning but also perform a handful of services?

Here are some of the services we perform:
- Upholstery Cleaning
– Area Rug Cleaning
– Water Damage Restoration/Clean Up
– Air Duct Cleaning
– Carpet Installation & Repair
– Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning>
– Drapery Cleaning

and more… Give us a call for more info and the prices around! (630) 848-9258

Lint Alert – Dryer Vent Safety Alarm

Do you know when was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? Do you know how often you should clean the dryer vent? Lint Alert can help. After a dryer vent cleaning we can install the safety alarm for you. The alarm plugs straight into your outlet and it has a connector attach to the dryer vent. It will monitor the build up in the dryer vent and it will alert you when the dryer vent should be cleaned. Please call us for details 630-848-9258.

Mattress Cleaning

We all know mattresses are expansive and we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping on them. It can also be a very dirty place and a breeding ground for many germs and bacteria. We at Kornell offer very high quality service at very reasonable cost. Give us a call and see what it would take to restore the freshness in your mattress

Quick air duct cleaning facts

1. A standard size house can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to clean
2. We clean both return and supply registers
3. We use negative air pressure machine with flexible spinning brushes
4. The cost of cleaning varies on the amount of vents (supply and returns)
5. We can also clean your dryer vent, coils and furnace
6. There is no dust floating around the house when we perform the cleaning (everything is under negative air pressure)
7. Best time to clean air ducts is in May/October (before turning AC/HEAT ON)
8. We have special portable machine for places inaccessible by our gas machine

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

When should I clean my carpets?
- Carpets should be cleaned when they get dirty, but we recommend cleaning them once a year. This will help to extend the life of the carpet.

How wet will my carpets be after cleaning?
- We get about 90-95% of the water from the carpet so the carpets will be fairly dry.

Whats the best carpet cleaning method?
- The method that we use is steam cleaning/hot water extraction – it is the recommended method by most of the carpet manufactories.

Can you get all of the stains out?
- That’s a good questions, we are usually able to get most if not all of the stains out. We always pre-treat stains that are hard to remove and use a special stain removal process.

Please check next month for more FAQ’S



Got dirty tile or grout?

Dirty bathroom tile? Maybe dirty kitchen grout? We can help! We have been cleaning tile and grout for years and have ton of experience. We use the newest tile cleaning equipment and the best cleaning solutions. Our spinners work in combination with our truck mounted equipment and are capable of removing all types of dirt.

Not every carpet cleaning company is the same!

Here are some things to consider next time you are having your carpets cleaned.
1. Who are the techs cleaning your carpet, are they educated, do they have proper training and experience? are they certified?
2. Did they go beyond your expectations? Were you 100% satisfied after the job was done?
3. Did they care about your house? Did they park in the driveway without asking? Did they have shoe covers on? Did they protect the corners of your walls using corner guards?
4. Were they late? If so did they call you ahead of time to let you know?
There are a lot more things that go into simple carpet cleaning job! Make sure who ever you are calling is going beyond your expectations!