Should I clean my Air Ducts?

Like anything in your house ducts get dirty as well – It is best to inspect the ducts before cleaning. You can take a mirror and a flash light and look inside your air vents to see whats there. You can also use a camera – Turn on the flash, insert the camera into the vent and snap a picture  to see if the vents need cleaning. Or you can call Kornell @ 630-848-9258 and schedule a free video inspection/estimate for duct cleaning.

Rug cleaning

Did you know we clean area rugs? We have a brand new rug cleaning system and a dedicated drying room for all rugs that we bring back to our warehouse! Our cleaning process goes from pre-vacuuming to deep cleaning and drying the rugs. Call us for details

Pet stains?

We understand that every pet has accidents, some more than other but regardless pet stains are annoying and hard to clean. There are plenty of pet stain cleaning products in the stores but do they really work? Some if not most pet stains get absorb into the padding that’s underneath the carpet. Even though the carpet is cleaned and it looks fresh the stains comeback the next day once the stain dries or when the humidity goes up. Don’t waste your time and money cleaning product call the pros!

Air duct cleaning FAQ’s (Things customers ask us the most)

1. How long does a typical job take?
- An average house takes about 6-8hours (avg house being around 2k sq.f)
2. Do you clean the supply and return vents?
- Yes we do, we can also clean the furnace and replace the filters.
3. Do you bring the machine inside the house?
- That depends on the location. Mostly we can use the machine that we keep outside.
4. How often should I clean my ducts?
- That will depend on many things. Pets, children, elders, location ect on avg ducts should be cleaned every 2-3 years.

Have you ever been scammed?

Have you ever been scammed? Did a company offer something that they could not deliver? Did you over pay for a service because there were so many hidden costs? Check out our previous 2 blogs and see what what sets Kornell apart from some of the other companies on the market and what makes us trustworthy! Also remember that doing proper research on a company is always recommended before ordering any services! This goes for anything, from looking for a place to eat to trade services. There are many tools online that allow us to dig deep into the company that will provide the work.

Whats sets us apart continued….

4. We offer a large variety of services. You don’t have to call three different companies… you can just call us and we will take care of all your cleaning needs. Please check out our full list of services here
5.  We guarantee our work. If you are not happy with the service you have received we will comeback and re-clean any of the areas until you are fully satisfied.
6.  Once you use Kornell you get placed on our mailing list (optional) We send out special promotions and deals every month to our loyal customers!