Quick air duct cleaning facts

1. A standard size house can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to clean
2. We clean both return and supply registers
3. We use negative air pressure machine with flexible spinning brushes
4. The cost of cleaning varies on the amount of vents (supply and returns)
5. We can also clean your dryer vent, coils and furnace
6. There is no dust floating around the house when we perform the cleaning (everything is under negative air pressure)
7. Best time to clean air ducts is in May/October (before turning AC/HEAT ON)
8. We have special portable machine for places inaccessible by our gas machine

Did you know?

Did you know that we not only specialize in carpet cleaning but also perform a handful of services?

Here are some of the services we perform:
- Upholstery Cleaning
– Area Rug Cleaning
– Water Damage Restoration/Clean Up
– Air Duct Cleaning
– Carpet Installation & Repair
– Garbage/Trash Chute Cleaning>
– Drapery Cleaning

and more… Give us a call for more info and the prices around! (630) 848-9258

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ’S

1. How often should I clean my air ducts?
- It is recommended by NADCA to clean air ducts once every 2-3 years, more frequent cleaning might be required under certain conditions (allergies, pets, kids elderly)

2. When is the best time to clean ducts?
- Ducts can be cleaned anytime, there is no better or worse time.

3.  How much does air duct cleaning cost?
- The price depends on many factors, we offer three packages designed to fit our customers needs and budget – please call us for free phone estimates 630-848-9258

4. How long does the air duct cleaning process take?
- a house with under 10 vents takes around 3 hours
- a house with 10-20 vents takes 4-6 hours
- a house with 20-30 vents takes 6-8 hours

5. Will air duct cleaning lower my energy bill?
- it definitely can. A clean efficient system is less likely to breakdown and it will have a longer life span.